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LET GenetiConcept™ ANALYSE YOUR DNA TO REMOVE THE GUESSWORK on which type of training and nutrition best fits you

We reveal your specific genetic traits including fat burning capacity, muscle type, metabolic tendencies, dietary sensitivities and recovery time, to personalize your diet and exercise plans.

  • Engage in your fitness care
    Find out how your DNA may affect your response to training and nutrition and so you and your personnal trainer can make more informed decisions.
  • More than knowledge. Knowing what you can do.
    Learn how you can make better lifestyle, training and nutrition decisions in order to maximise your results according to your goals.
  • Save money, time, and frustration
    Stop wasting money on useless food-supplements by knowing what your body needs the most when it comes to nutrients. On the other hand, stop wasting time on trying all different kind of training routines available on the internet by knowing how your body reacts to different training variables (such as muscle fiber type composition, response to hypoxia, etc...).

Training Genes - Athleticogenomics

The genetic variations we analyze tell us more about how you may respond to both endurance-based and strength-based workouts. They enlighten how best to structure your training routine to maximize your fat loss, strength/cardio performance, or muscle building. We use your genetic profile to make specific recommendations determined to your specific goals.

  • Muscle fiber type composition
  • Recovery and training frequency
  • Training intensity
  • Endurance training VS strength training
  • Lactate processing
  • Hypoxic training response
  • Fast VS Slow metabolism
  • Steady State cardio VS HIIT cardio
  • Injury prevention

Nutrition Genes - Nutrigenetics

Nutrigenetics is the study of the effects of inheriting a particular gene variant on a someone�s responsiveness to a particular diet or nutrient ( macronutrients and micronutrients ), and how this affects risk of disease, metabolism and health status

  • Carbohydrate and insulin metabolism
  • Fat metabolism
  • Salt sensitivity and water retention
  • Omega 3/6 needs
  • Vitamins profile
  • Recovery nutrition (inflammation and anti-oxidant)
  • Folate metabolism
  • Injury prevention
  • Lactose intolerance
  • Gluten intolerance
  • Testosterone optimization system
  • Sleep optimization
  • Caffeine sensitivity
  • Hunger and appetite control
  • Fat loss response to green teaNew!
  • Response to Chromium PicolinateNew!

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